Transnational Project Meeting

This meeting concluded the work on the MOOC for Junior Athletes and Social Support Providers teaching programs, and second stage of work on those IOs has started – technical preparation of MOOCs. It is vital that all the partners agree on the content and form of the MOOCs before production.

Multiplier Sport Event

On October 2021, the Slovenian University Sports Association has organized in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, a multiplier sport event promoting the outcomes of the DCJA project. The event was focused on the two first products of the project Intellectual Outputs: The Baseline Report and the Good Practices Report of the project addressing the situation of junior athletes’ dual career in Europe. Over 30 people participated in the seminar, most of which the main stakeholders in the area in the country. Organisations that were identified with good practices, had also the chance to present them. The participants were also familiarized with the MOOCs which will be delivered in the following months and will focus on Junior Athletes and Social Support Providers.

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