Transnational Project Meeting

This meeting concluded the IO3 and IO4, and all the discussion around this deliverables. Feedback from participants in MOOCs was gathered and discussed, and the outcome of this part of the project were analysed. It was also the moment of planning and adjusting the dissemination plan with the participating organisations.

Multiplier Sport Event

On the 7th of june, Fundación Universidad Isabel I de Castilla (FUI1) organised in Burgos a Multiplayer Sports Event whose main objective was the promotion of the DCJA project and its expected results.

The MSE was divided into two parts. The first part focused on the presentation of the project, its objectives and expected long-term results. The second part showed the attendees how the platform through which the contents are presented works. This part was very relevant as FUI1 was in charge of creating a MOOCs within its work package. The event was attended by around 25 participants, a large part of whom were sports services promoters. On the other hand, junior athletes also had the opportunity to attend the event and were encouraged to test the platform in order to learn about aspects to improve or strong points of the platform.

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